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“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you giving your time and wise words with our youth at Future Fest last Thursday.  I appreciate everything you had to say, and I was amazed at how engaged the youth were during your activity and “presentation”.    You have a wonderful gift in reaching out to these youth. We hope we are able to continue Future Fest in the years to come, and hope you will be able to come back and join us –

Teresa Jacobs


Rashard Duncan

Words Taylor, is someone I take pleasure calling a close friend. He’s trustworthy, honest and dependable in times of need. By Gods grace, to experience this level of friendship is something I take serious to heart and a truly a blessing! – Rashard Duncan



I invited Words to my advanced creative writing class and I asked him to perform and talk about his writing process. What I got was so much more than that; I got someone who really conveyed the importance of relationship and build connections to writing and performance. I also got someone who made connections with my students and really offered his humanity and talked about the gift that one offers as a writer and it was fantastic, I can’t wait to have him back. – Karen Downing



“Words Taylor is a masterful speaker and performer who instantly connects with the audience. His love for humanity and his integrity shine through with every line.- Heidi Brown





The poetry and spoken word deliverance of Words Taylor is powerful, relevant, exhilarating, and much needed in communicating God’s word and addressing the life challenges in today’s society.  Whether young or not so young, rich or poor, black or white or in between, married or single, saved or not; Words has a word for you. – Byron Fitchpatric



All I can say is that from what I’ve experienced in the short handful of months I’ve known Words is that he is a phenomenally-anointed young man who I would be honored to work with any time! The combination of his poetic genius and charismatic personality would be more than worth the money or time spent! –Tracy Canada





Words Taylor is the embodiment of energetic reciprocity.  Throughout our friendship he has poured confidence, love, and faith into me, validating me as an artist, mentor, and teacher.  My love for Words is unmatched and I often seek him out for advice and as an ear to listen free of judgment. – Kristopher Rollins


If you are looking to book or hire me for an event then you’re in the right place. My goal and purpose in what I do is to serve people. I serve through my words and my service. The message I bring is winning can be a part of your life, but you have to train yourself to win and break free from the things that are holding you back.

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I’m more than happy to customize my message around the event you’re having.

Here are some of my most requested messages and an audio clip of them:


“Kill the Snake”- There are things in your life that are literally trying to consume you. It is your job to cut them off at the head in order to reposition yourself to win.


“Don’t touch The Stove”- This message is designed to help overcome the experience of failure and mistakes; two things that will be a part of any journey you take. Once life shows you that the stove is hot, don’t touch it again.


“You value remains”- This message is for the hopeless and the ones that feel worthless and need to understand it does not matter what you’ve been through; it does not matter how many men or women that you’ve slept with; the number of times you’ve been divorced; the test you’ve failed; the mistakes you’ve made, or the life you’ve had, does not determine your worth. You determine your value, and these life experiences does not depreciate your value.

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