“Wake up and Start Dreaming” The 30 day journey: Turning ideas, talents and passions into action 

This book is meant to empower you to take control over your life, recognize your greatness, and put you on A path to creating success. Inside this book you will find that this is not just a book, it's a challenge to build your dream! With a combination of poetry, inspirational storytelling, and workbook, you will find yourself on a journey that leads you from pain to power.

Inside of this book is my 30 day Dream Builder Challenge. This challenge will renew your mind and equip you with the tools you need in order to start taking action, start prospering in your passion and choose the life that you desire for yourself. 

This book will cover: 

 • How to activate your greatest assets in order to gain progress in your dream, talent, idea, or passion. 

 • The types of people that have damaged and stolen from your progress, and the people that will enhance it. 

 • The ingredients to creating genuine happiness and how to overcome chains that have been a part of your family for generations. 

 • How to break free of the 9-5 robotic mindset and begin your journey of doing that which brings you fulfillment and freedom. 

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Wisdom Beyond Words Book 

If you love poetry then you will Love this book. The journey of my life story and overcoming the hardships of not having a mother growing up and longing for love. This book also goes through finding my wife and establishing my voice. You will cry; you will be inspired; you will laugh, but most importantly you will be empowered. 

The Spoken Word Experience

Our live events will leave you speechless. We combine inspiration, laughter and love in one room to give you the Spoken Word Experience. 

We host 3 shows a year: A Valentine’s Day show. A Mother’s Day show. A fall show. If you are interested in learning more about the shows and when they’re happening, please click on the “learn more” button below.

The Spoken Word Academy

Do you want to learn Spoken Word? Do you want to make income from your poetry? In this course I’m going to show you exactly how to create and perform spoken word poetry and turn your craft into profit. I take you through the step-by-step journey of how to create spoken word poetry that captivates and audience and makes people want to book you for shows.