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myjourneypageOk, where do I start?

I was born August 8th…..I’m just playing, we’re not going to start that far back. Let’s just start from 2009 when I got married and realized that the decisions you make in life will undoubtedly affect your future. But first, just a little back story. My wife and I both come from homes where drugs and alcoholism were prevalent. My mother stopped being a part of my life at the age 7, and my father took it from there; I wanted for nothing physically while living with him, but needed everything pertaining to love and validation. I would say that the greatest thing I learned from him was how to dream. He lacked a high school education, but was always equipped with a dream.

That back story is to help you understand how it’s possible for my wife and I to make $110,000 in 2009 and then only make $39,000 together in 2011. This is what you call a losing mentality and creating a culture of losing. I sabotaged my success because I was never taught how to win. I knew how to lose for sure. While making money I focused on the house, the car, the shoes and everything in my life that lacked value beyond me. I just wanted to know what it felt like to win!

Well a year of winning cost me 5 years of agony.  In 2012 we had our baby and lost our home within months of each other. We slept in a basement at a friend’s home for 4 months. I would rank this as the second lowest point of my adult life. I felt inadequate because my decision cost my family their own pillows.

After being in this position I worked back and was able to land a great job. My wife also had a great position and we had a nice apartment that was just right for our 3 person family. We were winning again, and sure enough the losing mentality begin to take over. I was fired from my job as a counselor.  How could this happen, I was a great counselor and was helping to change lives, but I sucked at documentation and paperwork and I lacked adequate organizational skills to maintain the position. This leads me to the Top lowest point in my adult life; having to tell my wife that I’ve once again failed at life and that we are about to go through everything all over again. Once again we did not have any savings, so we would feel every part of this journey.

We begin to rebuild and I started to grow in my thinking. I figured out what the problem was. I hadn’t repositioned myself to win. I needed to empower myself and teach myself how to win. So I started making some major chances in my life. I started working on me. As a grown man, I could no longer blame my father and mother because now I could actually seek the knowledge I needed. This time I was ready.

In college I’d caught on to Spoken Word Poetry, so I knew I had a talent that would be instrumental in my success. I formed poems centered on dreaming and overcoming hardships. I wanted to let people know that winning is not something that just happens; you don’t accidently win, it’s something you plan and prepare for. I found that many people could relate to the message.  I started to get bookings and performing across the country at different universities, churches, and community organization. I was able to get a huge contract from the Department of Human Services that allowed more exposure for my brand. As I continue to press on this journey I started to get more on-going contracts with adult and teen prisons and organizations. Life was great, and I’ve never felt more prepared, so when the biggest opportunity of my life came that would allow me to do what I love full time, I was in a much better position to receive it. In this journey I was able to build some extremely great relationships with some incredible people, two of them being Kristopher Rollins and Emily Lang. When they started a company RUN DSM and were ready to grow another aspect of their business, I got a call to offer me the contract to build one of their programs and oversee it….My wife and I celebrated the opportunity, and then went right back to grind mode.

I had to get to a place where I was no longer sabotaging myself and I had to start preparing myself to win. I want to share with you exactly what I did to make these changes and start winning.

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